Producer • Director • Editor


Kristal is driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, global perspective, and passion for storytelling.

Kristal Is an independent line producer, director, and editor who has worked with brands including VH1, MTV, Viacom, TLC, PBS, Oxygen, VICE, and the Discovery Channel to create compelling, diverse content that has reached millions of viewers across the globe.

She currently partners with producers, production companies, and digital brands to bring their creative vision to life and generate more conversations with compelling campaigns.

Kristal’s technique focuses on video docu-branding. This new concept treats video not as a project, but as an evergreen brand-nurturing tool — to develop ongoing, high-quality, story-driven videos that work from an overarching content development platform.

Her own work as a filmmaker has been featured in the Smithsonian Institute and PBS. She founded Alignment Pictures as a vehicle for networks, production companies, and independent producers to collaborate, create and distribute her own and their work.

Successful Partnerships

My Story

I’ve always had a love for film and music. I especially enjoy the art of filmmaking, and I gave up pursuing my engineering degree to build a career in film. I took a leap of faith and moved to Brooklyn, New York,  but not before getting experience working with the rising stars of Houston, Texas.

It wasn’t until a summer night in NYC’s famous West Village, where I heard the director yell out “action,” cued the camera, assembled the actors, and saw the endless amounts of snow falling from a fixed crane that I knew…I was home.